Who we are

Blume Nail Bar / BLUME NAILS  is one of the many salons that we have created over the years.  Our story starts in California in a small nail shop ran entirely by family.  Throughout the 2 decades of service, we have learned and created better ways to serve our customers. Along the way we have created new customers that became loyal friends.  At Blume we believe you deserve experienced technicians, high quality products, state of the art salons and clean environments with disposable products for each customer.

1. Our Mission

To provide the best service as possible by providing customers with the newest colors and techniques.

2. Our Objectives

To create a long lasting relationship with our customers.

3. Our People

All technicians are experienced in their scope of work.  Each technician has different quality’s and skills. Customers are paired with technicians accordingly.

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We welcome you to Blume to explore the difference. Have a seat while we grab you a complimentary beverage, would you like a massage or a hot wrap? Our goal is to make you feel at home while enjoying some of the best treatments you may ever have.  On your mini vacation through the Blume experience, instead of tropical flowers, we will give you exceptional products with bluming result.

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Fast service

Expert team

Affordable prices

Award winning

Modern technology

Open all week